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U can contact me on mail :



what the just wasted my money I bought it and guess what it did not download I want a refund ...


Sorry for hear that!

Could u send a mali with some more info at

We will help you!



Just wasted 0.50€ on this crap. Honestly people like Maqsoom should be ip banned from itchio. This kid just takes assets and puts them in a game and sells it for 0.50€.

This is not even remotely fun game, opened it played it for 30seconds and closed it. Im gonna chargeback my 0.50€ I really dont want to give any money to this scam artist


Sorry to hear that! First of all, we have the LICENSE and permissions of the owner of the game.

In the description is also mentioned that it's from ezfps.



pongan el link para desacargarlo gratis

great and fun but the bots are so useless


Check my Game is better than this game

played it with bots


ups 2 comments xD


why i cant buy games i have 10 years :(

U can my game for free just mail me at koekskeinc@gmail.Com

why i cant buy games i have 10 years :(



We brought it so far :D

Hello everybody

Saddly we STOPPED with updating this game, we are focusing on a new better game!

Sorry for this!



You should really add a sensitivity option for it is so high and it is really hard to control.

But your game is really cool and i play it often:)

Thanks! :)


Wow, you literally copy pasted EZFPS and went with that. Did you make these models?

We have buyed license with the developers...

This game needs updated shaders and models, and also more constantly updated so that the player will never get bored.

hi developer can you fix what happend to your game it can not load for offline it only load for online please fix this developer

Do you feel special now?

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dude the gameplay cant load for offline why cant load dude?

i waiting this game so long its not relese yet

Good news! 32-BIT is released!

when am waiting to your game am so boring playing some any game than when you said 32-bit released am not boring anymore am happy and awsome gameplay you upload thank you bro i hope many people like your game but am going to facebook so i share to my friends thank you koekske!!!(:

Thanks, we appreciate it but we have alot of stuff to fix

koekske the 32-bit game was not working i think it lost data its said data folder not found


We gonna fix it!


oh that 32-bit dont need to work for that its work now but am talking to offline not working if i load not really loaded for offline help dude i dont want to online in your game i want this be a offline.

hi koekske why the game have not offline where is the offline if i load for offline it diconnect and i cant play offline this game is online

ok dude i will patient dude love this game heres why i love you game: love the game 100% enjoy the game 100% awsome gameplay ever!! 100% did ya get all i said for that dude that it dude i will wait in 3 days to be patient.

Thanks man! But please dont spam my wall full with 32 bit . ;) thanks


ok bro

how long you update 32-bit game dude?

Hey dude did the your game updated to 32-bit? please updated your awsome game i love this game dude please update 32-bit dude i did wait in 5 day it updated 32-bit


Sorry for waiting anyway, our team has founded little bugs in the game and we must repair them , it takes them. We let you know when its updated!



ok dude i trusting you i just be wait dude

hey dude how long you update 32-bit in your game?


We are working on it, please we take our time! We are busy this moment :)


Make it compatible with 32bit please

it doesnt works win 32 bi

Hi. I'm from game studio 3D Games Czech and pukud would you would you like to do graphic design, and so on.


Yeah sure! Send me a mail for more info :


100% i love your game!!!! dude did ya update 32-bit in your awsome gameplay ever!!! (:

Thanks, We are working currently on it ;)

did the game be a 32-bit? because am waiting your awsome game its be a 32-bit wow men am waiting. Speaking of waiting cant wait!!!!!! (:

Any chance for Windows???

Sure, just updating the game with some bug fixes. Get in touch :)

Cool THX.


koekske i well share this game to my friends its cool dude and i wish your game well exist for steam greenlight because i well vote for your game.

Hi Creeperkiller

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Unfortunately, We Can not Publish this because of the cost. ($ 100)



koekske can you offline your game pleass when you update the 32-bit game you made and add some bot because i very like this game and can ya upload your game in stean greenlight i well vote ya(:

Hi Creeperkiller

The game supports offline bots (zombies and bots)

Thank you very much for your interest


koekske your game is not boring to me it make me fun good work koekske and please update 32-bit for your awsome game

Thanks! :)

I got lucky and was on one server with another player :)

Holy shit! nice

please update the 32-bit in this game men i love your game wow!

Thanks for your feedback! :) We are currently working at it :)

thanks koekske please upload 32-bit in your game i like your awsome game

just comment me if am not here you can comment me if the game as a 32-bit please if am not here leave a comment

The game will not load for me.

Please download the game, the browser version is glitched.

Please disable the embedded game, it slows down this page and is just confusing :/

Ok, thanks for your feedback.

hey iwanplays you are the youtuber right i know you play ravenfield and any random gameplay you play to be a youtuber well i subcribe ya there.

Great game loved it cant wait to see more from

Thanks Aaron! :)